Relief & Wellness Massage
Holly (Hermanson) Carter, LMT ~ Since 1993


 The Angus Center

#2114 Angus Road    Room #230
Charlottesville, VA 22901

 Across from Best Buy, near the Emmet Street 250/29 bypass exit.
Parking is free, ample, and entrance is wheelchair accessible.

 * From Rt 29/Emmet Street, turn west onto Angus Road at KFC.

*  Turn RIGHT into #2114 Angus Center (a brick 2 story office building).

*  IGNORE lower front lot entrances which are often locked - instead take driveway on right leading to the UPPER BACK PARKING LOT.

*  Now that you're BEHIND the building, enter the far right glass door - it is unmarked so have faith.

*  Room #230 is on 3rd door on left in hallway.

*  Unless door is open, please honor "session in progress" sign. There is no waiting room so NO need to arrive early, just on time.

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