Relief & Wellness Massage
Holly (Hermanson) Carter, LMT ~ Since 1993

Discounts & Budgets

Thank you for requesting only one reduction per massage.

"Blue Plate Specials":  I often discount a few upcoming time slots. They are broadcast via email and 1st-come-1st-serve. I honor ethics and HIPPA requirements by never ever giving away your info. You can opt in or opt out at any time.

$10 Reading Reward:  Read any ONE article in this online Body Sense Magazine for $10 off your next massage. You can do this once per month! The layout is simple. It's easy to eyeball an interesting title. Feed your day with a short break, your brain with a short read, your body with a yummy massage, and your wallet with good savings. 

Elder Massage:  If age makes getting to or paying for a massage challenging, I will come to you with a reduced or waived travel fee depending on distance. We'll have the massage session in your wheel chair, or on your divan, or in the comfort of your bed, or on your back porch in the sun.

Sliding Scales:   Before inquiring, please self-assess true need versus simply wanting a good deal. If the cost of massage is hindering your ability to receive needed care beyond the above discount opportunities, talk to me. We will find a comfortable rate that works for both of us.  This is honor system and confidential so no application nor financial information is requested.  I encourage open dialog about money and barter and mutual support. 

Skip the Tip if you need to!: We usually do not  tip our medical providers and we usually do tip for personal services—professional massage bridges both worlds.  Truly, a most welcome expression of gratitude is to pass my name along to others.  Your feedback is valuable, let me know how I can improve your experience.

Trades & Barters:  There are times this is an appropriate choice for me and other times not.  I'm open to discussion.

Courtesy Colleague Rates: If you are a healing arts professional enjoy a discount at my space or yours. No reciprocity expected as this is one of my ways of tithing.


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