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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions I often hear, along with the answers I often give . . . . .

How often should I get a massage? Every massage has value whether received once a week for a healthy lifestyle or once a year as a treat. A common maintenance schedule for many clients is a "standing appointment" on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Many experience savings in other areas of life such as medical bills and stress-induced spending.

What do I wear? Your privacy is of utmost importance. My clients are never fully exposed, regardless of attire.  Many clients opt to experience the session without the restriction of any garments knowing they are securely and respectfully draped (covered) at all times....this is very appropriate and traditional.  It is also perfectly acceptable to leave on an undergarment, or even all of your clothing, if necessary for your sense of security.  "Chair massage" is usually performed fully clothed.

Is massage good for me?
Yes and should feel good! I will ask about your health to learn of contraindications (reasons to avoid) or cautions (reasons to adjust). Massage has physiological affects on the body resulting in a variety of possible healthy responses. The nurturing quiet time is a gift to our mental, emotional, spiritual selves.

A partial list of how massage can benefit us:

~relieve pain
~promote self-esteem/balanced sense of self
~increase nourishing blood to skin/organs
~relieve stress
~provide meditation time

~allow/encourage healing
~hasten elimination of stored waste and toxins
~release restriction of connective tissues
~support athletic performance
~dissipate headaches, backaches, muscles aches
~ease or reverse fatigue
~improve energy and alertness
~ease repetitive motion injuries
~increase range of motion and joint flexibility
~calm nerves
~exfoliate and hydrate the body's skin
~balance posture
~bolster the immune system
~lower blood pressure
~decrease depression
~more information about benefits of massage

Are there different styles of massage and bodywork? Yes.  My technique integrates Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Work, and Myofascial Release.  These approaches are blended with intuition, intention, and care.  Elder Massage (geriatric) provides safe informed touch for aging bodies. I continually study and self educate, incorporating special techniques and theories into my work.  I would be delighted to share with you informational resources on massage as well as other modalities of the healing arts.  Also, I am happy to connect you to other health practitioners and make referrals.

What kind of people receive massage? All kinds: professionals, housewives, the elderly, students, preachers, physicians, athletes, dads, people coping with depression, business owners, happy folks, laborers, actors, children, folks with challenges, executives, city dwellers, employees, teachers, farmers, artists, you, me.

Isn't massage supposed to hurt?
No, not necessarily. It can be light or deep or both.  My style of work and pressure vary based on your specific health needs, level of comfort, and preferences. If you enjoy a good strong deep massage, fine, we'll work at that level of "sweet discomfort" where it feels productive and relaxing.

Should I tip my therapist? There's no 'should' here.  We usually do not  tip our medical providers and we usually do tip for personal services—professional massage bridges both worlds.  Truly, a most welcome expression of gratitude is to pass my name along to others.  Your feedback is valuable, let me know how I can improve your experience.

What is a CMT? Certified Massage Therapist.  In the State of Virginia, massage therapists are required by law to be certified by the State Board of Nursing. This title protection helps you, the consumer, know that your therapist has received training in physiology, anatomy, pathology, ethics, and is meeting continuing education requirements.  I am Virginia state certified (#0019-001373) and Nationally Certified by NCBTMB (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) and a member of ABMP professional organization.

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